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Player Creation Rules and Template

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Player Creation Rules and Template

Post by Admin on Sat Aug 30, 2014 9:06 pm

Welcome to Sword Art Online: Custom Character Menu

This is the template for your character.






[b][u]Bonus Stats:[/u][/b]




It properly copied and pasted it should look like this.





Bonus Stats:




Name, Age, Gender:
this should be self explanatory

This will be where your initial stats and where you will update your stats when you receive new ones.  Every players begins with 5 stats and 40 health.  Stats are obtained by leveling up.  Stats can also be granted passively from items, weapons, armor, and skills as well as having active boosts from them as well (Active boosts have a duration and must be activated from something or other.)  Health is the exception.  Players do not put points toward health.  Health naturally increases by gaining levels separately from the other 3 stats.  When first making a character players may divide their 5 stats between the three stats.  YOU MAY HAVE A STAT OF 0.  It just means you get no benefit from your stats.

Bonus Stats:
These are special stats granted by weapons, armor, items, and skills. These can range widely and be as unique as the various skills are.  These Bonuses are to be posted here so others know what your items and skills are giving you.  These for the most part will be passive Bonuses.  Activated bonuses from items will simply be on the item description.

Keep track of your level here.

This is going to be the bulk of your character sheet as well as the bulk of your game play abilities.  This is going to be a list of skills you are able to use and the ranks you have in those skills.  There will be a library of skills posted that you can learn skills from.  As skills are made and approved the library will grow and you will be able to train those skills.  When posting in this section on your character sheet add a copy of the skill description in a spoiler like the other ones so people can quickly see what skills you have.  As you can see everyone begins with 1 rank of every Passive skill.  ALSO every player begins with a free rank in one Weapon Specialty skill that they choose. Though they don't have to stick with that weapon specialty it is to represent them having a basic knowledge of a certain type of weapon.

Here you will be able to design and shape the character that you will be playing as.  There are some starting technicalities that you will be given, but for the most part your character creation is describing your avatar.  The engine that makes your character look like you IRL has been completely removed from the system so make your character look however you want.  In this section you will also put the players personality.

In this section all you need is your total experience.  Starting players start at 0 experience.  When ever you gain EXP remember to post it here.

This is simply the amount of Col you have.  Col is this games currency.  Every player begins with 50 col and can gain Col by doing tasks like fighting NPC monsters, doing quests or missions, Winning arena matches and other tasks.  You can also be given Col by other players.  Wagering money on arena matches is also a way to earn money. if you can find someone to take your bet.

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