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Post by Admin on Sat Aug 30, 2014 11:19 pm


Listen up folks, this section is going to be in depth as I have been on many RP sites and I know the things that start fights.  This section is to try and alleviate those problems before they happen.

That being said.  If you've read through some of the rules and whatnot, or when you do you will see that this Site is made to be as close to a video game in the terms of  rules and game play.  That being said things are going to follow specific rules.

RP Style:

What Not to do:

Alright here is where I will describe things that people like to do that will either be okay or strictly not.  Anyone who does things that are against these rules will be asked to edit their post.

Before I go on I am going to try to help people see what I envision for the site.  I want this RP site to be just like the Game.  All the parameters will be set and everything will be operated like a game system.  If you try to break the game the game will break you.  However the game has many ins and outs and if you work with it you will be rewarded.

Vague Manipulation:
This is when one player uses the lack of detail of someones post to gain an advantage or even just edit things that that person didn't intend.  For the most part this may be innocent.  However Vague Manipulation WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. This means if anyone has a problem with what you decided to fill in the gaps with, and a mod deems it as vague manipulation, you will be asked to change it.

This is along the same lines.  GodModding is making another player do something that they have not said that they do.  You control you, they control them.  Now within reason another player may be willing to allow the post to happen.  It is when another player dislikes what you wrote and gets a mod involved that you will be asked to change it.  Again GodModding WILL NOT BE TOLERATED

Meta-Gaming is when a player uses outside knowledge to influence their In-Character decisions.  If you don't know it you can't act as if you do.  Examples is acting like you know your being watched if you don't have a skill that tells you.  Skills are powerfull things but Meta gaming is broken and WILL NOT BE TOLERATED If a mod get's involved you will be told to change your post.

Timeline Manipulation:
For those of you experienced RPers you will find this most surprising.  Timeline manipulation is the primary source of combat in most RP sites.  Timeline manipulation is when a player states their actions by setting up time frames and stating when they do what actions.  For instance "John planted his foot and followed through with a haymaker,"  "Bill swept his leg disrupting Johns foot from being planted and throwing john off balance."  since Bill disrupted Johns action in the time stream john failed to do subsequent actions.  At this point John would try to do something to prevent from being tripped and so on.  However this starts creating problems when speed is involved.  a player states that they did it to quickly for their opponent to react.  Then speed becomes a stat that everyone builds and the site is then determined by who is fastest.  The combat system on this site is different and has taken away the need for Time manipulation.  Just like in games time is not malleable, it is defined.  You have to decide what your going to do and do it.  That is why every skill and action will take specified amounts of time to accomplish.  This time will be measured in number of attacks. Therefore Time manipulation is not just banned but pointless.  If you would like more information on this check out the combat guide.

All the rest of the silliness:
Okay so the rest of the things people like to do to confuse people such as using codes or math or manipulating anything out of their control.  It's all banned. Don't use it.  This site is based on a video game.  Your stats are how well you can fight.  There is no unknown factor that makes you stronger than you are.  

What to do:

Have fun
Build your stats and character
Party Up
Join a guild
Kill some mobs
Join a raid
Kill the Boss
Like a Boss

This site is going to have a system that most other systems sort of have.  But this system will help you train.  Don't like typing?  Fine you can still train.  It will just take you a while.  All word counts will be accompanied by a Delay time for the most part unless it is stated the time to delay is 24hrs per 1000 words.  it follows that it would be 48 for 2000 and 12 for 500.  This may be edited in the future as needed.  instead of doing the word counts you may instead opt to wait a period of time IRL and have the task occur.  It's pretty simple.  You post that you are Delaying the set time period then when the time period is over you post to complete the action.  Now I know what some of you will say.  It isn't in the heart of RP.  Guess what.  If they wanted to RP they would be RPing.  It will take them longer to do it this way but then they are able to do things when they are away from their computer.  There are some restrictions to this.  First of all there is no Delaying if your in a topic with other people unless everyone in the topic is going to Delay. Second there will be a restriction to ONE topic in which you are Delaying.  if you try to Delay in another topic it will be voided.  Also when you delay you must post at the end of the delay to accept the reward for the delay EVEN IF YOU ARE DELAYING MULTIPLE TIMES IN THE SAME TOPIC.  For instance if someone is training a skill.  they may delay the appropriate amount of time but must post claiming the skill rank before continuing to train the next rank.  If you are delaying to beat mobs you still must state your attacks and their attacks and do and take damage, you just do not have to fulfill the word count to defeat them. 

Common Sense Rule:
This is an important rule.  This is called Common Sense Rule because This site follows common sense.  You are a player in a video game, not a super hero.  If your character can't do it don't say you can.  However creativity will not be discouraged.  the reason players are always better than AI is because of their ingenuity with what they have.  Computers win only when they are provided something that a player doesn't have.  Therefore work with what you have.  Don't try to cheat the system or else the system will cheat back.  

However it is also very important that I point out that this version is still in beta.  If you find a loophole in the system we encourage you to exploit it until it is patched.  AND IT WILL BE PATCHED.  However as a bonus we will allow you to keep your exploited rewards.

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