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Hate System(WIP)

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Hate System(WIP)

Post by Admin on Sun Aug 31, 2014 1:18 am

Hate System

This System is how Monsters denote their targets for their attacks.  Just like in any MMO monster's AI determine the target of their attacks.  However it's not to complicated an algorithm.  It's actually pretty simple.  Here is how our system works:

Monsters gain hatred for players and when their hatred is high enough they attack that person.  There are a few different factors but when it comes down to the hate level it's simple addition.

First is being in the vicinity of NPC monster.  This vicinity is based off the players level compared to the NPC's level.  A higher level player has to get closer to the enemy before the enemy attacks it where as the NPC can smell weakness from farther away.  it's pretty simple.  If the NPC's level = the level of the player the vicinity is 10 meters.  For each level above the NPC's level it reduces the vicinity by .5 meters.  For each level below it increases it by .5 meters.  Being in the vicinity of the monster gives the player a number of points of hate equal to the difference in levels and all players in the vicinity at least one point.  So if 2 people are standing in the vicinity the monster will move to and attack the lower level player.

However that is not all that is not all that goes into the monsters Hate.  The next things is attacking the NPC.  If anyone attacks the NPC they automatically gain hate equal to the amount of damage they do to it.  This is the major way to gain hate.  The more damage you do the more you will be targeted.

Next is activating skills.  If you are within 2 times your vicinity of the NPC and you activate a skill, the NPC will generate hate depending on the threat level of the skill.  (This is still being hashed out) The Npc will generate 50 hate for you if you use a combat skill, 10 hate if you use a passive skill, and 99999 hate if you use a non combat skill.  (if your in the middle of a boss fight don't start cooking)

If you add all those totals together that is the level of hate the NPC has for you. NPC's ALWAYS attack the player with the most hate from that particular NPC.  Keep this in mind if your a Tank or a Squishy when in fights, especially Boss fights where the boss is controlled by a mod. (mods follow these rules when your NPCing)

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