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Item Creation Rules and Template

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Item Creation Rules and Template

Post by Admin on Sun Aug 31, 2014 4:18 am

Item Creation

So here is the Item Template.  For the most part these items will be made by staff but feel free to submit new items and they will be looked at by the staff.  Depending on the item rarity it may be added to the NPC Shop on an appropriate floor or it may be added to the drop list or to the crafting list.  These places can be suggested on the item app.  regardless Items will have to be approved by a staff member regardless and they will ask for any changes that they want and add it to the appropriate list.  (so for the most part make these items for this purpose)







[b]Item position:[/b]

If you copied and pasted this correctly it will look like this.






Item position:

Name of the item

The type of item.  This is either Weapon, Armor or Other. Other would be any supplemental item that is not worn.  Weapons and armor have subcatagories as well.  These go under this section as well.

Weapon Sub-categories:

One-handed Straight Sword
One-handed Curved Blade
One-handed Dagger
One Handed Rapiers
One-Handed Assault Spear
One-Handed War Hammer
One-Handed Axe
Two-Handed War Hammer
Two-Handed Axe
Two-Handed Straight Sword
Two-Handed Curved Sword
Two-Handed Assault Spear
Throwing Blade

Armor Sub-categories:

Neck (Amulet/Pendant/Broach)

For the Armor only one armor of a certain Sub-category can be equipped at a time.

Here you need define what the item does.  This means the amount of which stats the item boosts.  Generally weapons increase Damage and armor increases defense.  Also this is the place you would put bonus stats or effects.  For instance you can add Fire damage or resistance, armor penetration or increased ranks of various skills.  Mind you this will all be scrutinized by staff to make sure it's fair.

This is a little less functional but is more of a gauge of how strong the abilities of the item are, as well as the value of the weapon and where it can be put in the game to be accessable to the players (ie drops, rewards or the shop)  Higher rarity means worth more money and higher power.

Grey = Common
Green = Uncommon
Blue = Rare
Purple = Mythic
Orange = Legendary

This is simply the price.  This is how much it would cost to buy.  selling price is always half the purchasing price.  There is skills that will increase you selling price as well as lower your purchasing price.

Item Position:
This is how the players will receive the item.  Options for this is NPC shop, random drop, mission reward, or crafting.  This will be taken into advisory by the staff.

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