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Guild Rules and Template

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Guild Rules and Template

Post by Admin on Sun Aug 31, 2014 5:40 pm

Guild Creation

This is what you guys are really looking for. Some players can try to make it as a solo player but everyone knows the benefits to being in a guild vastly out weigh the benefits to running solo.  Guilds provide not only backup and friends but also progression opportunities to your skills and even opportunities for a static income.  Guilds are where community actions are accomplished and in the end it's where you will need to be to do large raids on dungeons and bosses.  However not everyone can create their own guild.  Guilds are bigger than just parties.  As such there are a few rules to having a guild.  

1)  Every Guild needs at least 5 members.  This isn't too hard but keep in mind that your guild won't progress if it's members aren't active.  Grow and gain levels and you guild will grow and become strong.

2) Every Guild must have a charter.  This will be put in the Guild creation application.  The Application must also have the members who are founding the Guild sign off on the charter on the app before the App is approved.  This is done by simply posting "Signing Charter"  on the Guild App.  With 5 signatures or more Staff will ratify the guild and the Guild will be added to the list of guilds of Aincrad.  Those of you who don't know what a charter is, it is a statement of purpose that the guild means to follow.  It is the creed that assassins follow.  A motto that Merchants hold dear. A chant that hunters sing at night.  A code that pirates follow.  It can be long or short but it defines the guild and anyone who wishes to join the guild must swear to the charter and those who dishonor the charter are likely cast out of the guild.

These are the basic things a guild needs however there is more to running a guild and starting a guild than just these two things. This is the Template for creating a guild.


[b]Guild Name:[/b]

[b]Guild Charter:[/b]

[b]Guild Master:[/b]

[b]Guild Rank:[/b]

[b]Guild Bank:[/b]

When copied and pasted properly it should look like this.

Guild Name:

Guild Charter:

Guild Master:

Guild Rank:

Guild Bank:

That is all that is need to establish a new guild.  That and 5 signatures.

Guild Name:
The Name of the Guild

Guild Charter:
Statement of intent for the guild.  This can be changed with a 4/5 vote of the members.  New members will use this to decide whether they want to join.

Guild Master:
This is the person who is in charge of the Guild.  This person makes the decisions for the guild

Guild Rank:
This ALWAYS begins at 1.  You begin at rank one.  Regardless of meeting the requirements of ranking up, when you apply for a guild it's rank one.  After the Guild is approved, you may rank your guild up according to the Guild ranking guide.

Guild Bank:
This will be blank to begin with.  This is where the guild will keep their money and valuables and items owned by the Guild.  This will be moderated exclusively by the Guild Master.  FIGURE IT OUT BETWEEN YOURSELVES.

Guild Ranking Guide
The things that increase the Rank of your guilds are as follows:

Guild Size

Guild Level

Guild Funds

Guild Raids

Alright.  So let me tell you how these give you Guild points.

Guild Size:
For every person in your guild over 5, your guild gets 1 Guild Point from here on named GP.  So your guild benefits as a whole by having more people.

Guild Level:
The Guild Level is the average level of the Guild.  So the Guild gains a number of GP equal to the sum of the members level divided by the number of guild members.  This encourages the guild to help their lower level members level up.

Guild Funds:
Guild funds is the total net worth of the Guild Bank.  This is the sum of the money and the value of guild owned items IN THE BANK.  So you guys have just thought that if you pool all the items in your respective inventories into the Guild Bank then you can get a high rank (yes you keep the rank even if you take things out of the guild bank) .  Guess what, this has been thought of.  Notice the Guild Master controls the Guild Bank.  You put it in the bank, they give it back.  If you trust the Guild Master it will work.  Now it is meant to be a measurement of how well your guild has progressed.  If you are a trusting guild that has learned to work together then you will move forward.  mind you when your guild applies for a rank up all the items must be in the Guild Bank.  There are some Guild specific items.  These will be specified in the item description.  Guild specific items do not go into ANY inventories except the Guild bank.  So if you spend money on guild items it doesn't actually reduce the value of the guild.  The amount of GP you get from the Guild Funds is TBA, still working on it.

Guild Raids:
This is the number of Raid Events that your guild has participated in, either in part or as a whole.  Raid Events may be special dungeons, Bosses, Special Bosses, or just special events.  The guild gets 1 GP per event, this may change or will be per event.

Leveling up
When your guild applies for a level up, your guild will be granted leveling points.  These points can be spent on ranks of skills that everyone in the guild gets.  This again is applied by the Guild Master.  These are additive to each players individual ranks in that skill.  (This will increase the skills rank over the skill cap when applicable.  Though some skills this may be pointless.)

Guilds gain levels every 10 GP.  This is a place holder it will likely change.

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