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Starting Guide

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Starting Guide

Post by Admin on Mon Sep 01, 2014 1:28 am

The land of DREAMS...
the land made for EVERYBODY...
It has been a long time since I last looked at my clock at the main menu where this message would repeat itself over and over...it displays both Real World Time and In Game Time, but most of us have lost track.  We all thought the game was safe to come back to after being brought back to the drawing board and banned by almost every Government on the planet.  All we wanted was a fun game, but instead when the re-release of the popular Sword Art Online Game became available...a terrorist cell supposedly took over the servers trapping players once again.  Some people have gone insane and claim that they are just programs and were never real in the first place.  Then there are the players that LIVE to play...I mean LIVE to be in this game, they see it as fun, or even as sport...oh how they are all wrong...
Now those of us that have been in here since the takeover, we have begun to build with the NPC's and make towns on each floor, trying hard to reach the 100th floor.  It is said that the final Boss on the 100th floor will unlock the game and let everyone that is real leave.  The good thing about the game this time around is that there is now the added ability to CREATE certain things in the world, as well as hunt Beasts, and the trading the REAL-LIFE Currency.  Now in this world we still have to eat, sleep, and drink, but never need to go to the restroom...we can also get hurt or sick so it is best to stock up on skills to make sure your life is longer here in the game.  This is our life now, and until we can get out...we intend to make the best of it.
The Rules
Of course there are...what online game in today's world would have no Terms & Conditions.  These rules are in place to keep Players and their Users happy.  So when you decide to Link up, boot up everything it is going to pop up.  Don't worry we all have read it, and if you ever have to read them again or want to study them...they are always available for viewing in the menus.  Have fun and always remember to obey the rules...The Admins, Mods, and their lackeys are always on the lookout.

Basic rules
1. Please only have one character per account, this reduces clutter and stress for staff as well as everyone.  To create another character, make a new account.
Penalty: Reminder

2. All accounts must be named after their character, this is to help keep track of characters as well as common sense.  If your character dies however, you CAN rename the account of the deceased character to that of the replacement character.
*NOTE*(We will not accept usernames such as "ghfjksj123456")

3. Staff WILL enforce the rules listed on this site, should any abuse or loopholes try to be exploited, the staff has every right to void the post and or topic.

4. Bumping threads is allowed, but you must wait at least a total of 24-hours before doing so, and it must have a reason.
Penalty:Excessive/Illegal bumping will result in the thread being deleted

5. Please no one-liner's, this is a literate Role-Play and we here want something worth of Role-Playing to give the other posters something to reply to. 100+ words would be ideal.
Penalty: Reminder, as well as members getting annoyed.

6. Swearing is fine in moderation, but this IS an all ages Role-Play so please exercise moderation.  Though if you are In-Character this can be a little more lax.  In all seriousness this pertains more to the Chat Box than anything. Don’t try to use the excuse of ‘but they will have heard it already!’ when referring to potential youngsters who may be present either – they may not.
Penalty: Reminder 3 times then 10 Minute Ban (Chat Box).

7. Godmodding is not permitted in any sense of the word. This is where you control another person’s character, or even try to hit them through 'autohitting'. Not only is it rude, but it prevents the character’s original controller from acting out potential actions.  Generally no one wants to Role-Play with a douche...So don't be one.
Penalty: Void post

8. Do NOT post adult content anywhere on this site. This is against our host provider’s terms of service, it is rude, and in some (most) cases, illegal.  If your gonna look at the stuff, do it on your own time.
Penalty: Permanent ban

9. Your character must be approved before you can create a roleplay post with them. To create a character, look for the Player Creation Area, read the rules then copy the template and make that character.
Penalty: Reminder

10. Advertising is only permitted in the advertising sections of the forum. You are not permitted to advertise in your signature, chatbox or posts elsewhere.  Unless of course it is an In-Character shop, or if your doing it for your guild.
Penalty for mass PM advertising: permanent.
Penalty for normal PM advertising: 48 Day Ban.
Penalty for post advertising: 1 day, post ad removed.
Penalty for signature advertising: 1 day, signature ad removed.  3 Times will get you a loss of signature permanently.

11. Be polite to those around you. Do not harass or degrade any other member, it is understandable if your just teasing, but there is always a line so tow it slowly and watch where you tow.  Look if Cyber bullying is an offense imposed by our government...then we are surely not gonna allow you to do it.
Penalty: 1 hour ban per offense

12. Put out-of-character comments in quote brackets...it is not hard to do and wont take up any of your valuable time, to distinguish between in-character actions in your post.
Penalty: Reminder

13. If you wish for your character to leave an area or floor, they must leave all topics from their current location beforehand.
Penalty: New location post void

14. Meta-gaming (using outside knowledge in the game world to gain an advantage) is not permitted.
Penalty: Post void, 1 hour ban

15. Be realistic in your actions. Your character can’t run at the speed of light, but he also cant punch through solid steel, just keep it within parameters.
Penalty: Post void

16. All actions your character performs must have a reason behind them.  Just because you put "they felt like it" is not a reason, but in that respect Word Count
Penalty: Post void

17. Alternate characters are allowed, but they cannot be on the same floor as you, and if they are, then they have no interaction with you.  You are only allowed 1 alt every 20 floors.
Penalty: Character Deletion

18. After 48 Hours in a topic, if someone has not replied to the topic you are allowed to skip the person and continue. In terms of fighting one on one, this means that you can claim a hit after 48 hours of inactivity(including bumps); If fighting with multiple people the next person in line to post gets to post. Upon request, a staff member can post on a topic if multiple players are involved, to confirm that 48-hours have passed, thus forcing the next person to post. If you post an away message, you may be exempt from the 48 hour rule.  In your away message you must have a date of return, the 48-hour timer will begin on the date of return at 6am.  If you do not have a date of return, then you may still be skipped.  All staff members will be allowed 72-hours before they can be skipped, due to having to manage the forum while doing their own respective threads.

19. In Character(IC) Col cannot be transferred Out Of Character(OOC); OOC Col can be transferred OOC;.
Penalty: Whatever you were trying to illegally transfer shall simply be lost completely

20. You are not allowed to copy and paste any RP post from this site or another site. Example of breaking this rule; copying all your posts from another topic and then making another topic combining all those posts into one post and asking for rewards for both topics. Another Example, copying a post someone else has made and using it for yourself. Just do NOT do it, again...no one wants to Role-Play with a douche...do NOT be one.
Penalty: Topic/Post Voided, also 1st Offense: Hour Ban; 2nd Offense: 24 Hour Ban; 3rd Offense: Week Ban; 4th Offense: Month Ban; 5th Offense: Perma Ban.

21. All Skills used on TSAORPG must be registered, canon and custom(If there are any).
Links to said Skills registry must be listed alongside the Skill on the stat page.
Penalty: Void of any current topics you are involved in, and your character being frozen until said queries are fixed.

22. Character suicide is allowed, you must however state a good reason either In-Character or Out Of Character for the suicide.
Penalty: If you don’t state a reason your character suicide is simply voided.

23.  Copyright applications.
This rule allow players to retain the uniqueness of their creations, thus having skills and weapons unique to them, without the worry of another player making the same exact creation but with a different name.
Should an app be reported as a rip off, a link to your creation must be provided with the accusation.
After reviewing both applications, if one has too many similarities to another, the staff will ask for the move to either be remade, or deny it if there is no way to fix it.
Make sure you search before you post, to make sure you are not making something someone else already made.
Because of the fact, for the most part, skills will be public domain, you will not need to make a skill if it already exists.  Unique skills will be given out to specific players for accomplishments or events by the staff.  Weapons, armor, items and other items can be made by the players, however like in a game these items will either be obtainable through the shops, a crafting or distributed through drops or rewards.  Search for items before requesting a new item be added.  if it's not a thing already, feel free to make it and the Staff will work with you on getting the item for you.
Penalty: Warning, app changes will occur or Void will be done.

3 temporary bans result in an additional 7-day ban, and a further ban results in a permanent ban.

Void: The post you make no longer counts in the topic it was made in

In-character: Communication between the characters

Out-of-character: Communication between the players

Meta-gaming: Using out-of-character knowledge that your character would not otherwise know in-character to gain an unfair advantage.

Auto-hit: Unfairly hitting the other player's character without giving them a chance to respond.

God-mod: Controlling another person's character.

The Player
The User...well, not really a User anymore...more like a fighter now.  When everybody initiated the LINK START they became a new person.  Though their character generally looks like they do in real life, they are able to change aspects such as clothes and hair.  Though the hair does not grow out, the options for longer hair and different colors ARE available.  Now when you create your character for the first time, the User will input some info about themselves In Real Life and their character inside the Game World.  Everyone will start out their life...er I mean game in the Wild outside of Beginners Town.  Here players can; accept rudimentary beginning quests, shop for weapons & armor, and interact with NPC's as well as other characters to get info, start parties, or gain friends.  From here the player will leave the Beginners Town and enter [FLOOR 1].  Everyone starts out at level 1, but will have the opportunity to level up fairly quickly.  This is where the Plot of the game will begin, and you will have to fight your way from town to town.

Leveling the Player
There are 100 Levels of Aincrad Tower, and so there are 100 player levels.  The player levels up through slaying beasts, beating bosses, training, and completing events all through gaining experience within the game.  These levels give the player access to skills, both UNIQUE and SIMPLE, leveling is essential to playing because you cannot leave the game until you either die or beat the FINAL BOSS.  Events happen when either an Admin decides to run something special, or if it is a particular holiday.  There will also be Events that randomly happen such as a surge of beasts on a particular floor, or bad weather.  Some of these Events will make conditions that will hinder you from some other events either on that floor or in a town.  Be sure to check when going out to Hunt.  For making and leveling info be sire to check out the Making Your Character guide.
The Beasties
Beasts are the primary enemies of the game in Aincrad.  They roam the areas outside the towns on each level of the tower.  There are even more inside the dungeons where the BOSSES reside.  Beasts are in the game to provide both a way to make players stronger, and a way to destroy them in the most cruel way possible.

In this game, the monsters outside of the dungeons leading from floor to floor level with you so that the player will ALWAYS have a constant force opposing them.  Outside of the dungeons however, the monsters will have fixed levels so that you can't cap out on ANY one level, forcing you to move up to gain more experience and to keep the game moving.
Monster Experience:

Tier 1 Beasts: 1-3=24, 4-6=48, 7-9=96, 10-12=144, 13-15=192, 16-18=240, 19-21=288, 22-24=336,25=384.
Tier 2 Beasts: 26-27=384, 28-30=432, 31-33=480, 34-36=528, 37-39=576, 40-42=624, 43-45=672, 46-48=720, 49-50=768.
Tier 3 Beasts: 51=768, 52-54=816, 55-57=864, 58-60=912, 61-63=960, 64-66=1008, 67-69=1056, 70-72=1104, 73-75=1152.
Tier 4 Beasts: 76-78=1200, 79-81=1248, 82-84=1296, 85-87=1344, 88-90=1392, 91-93=1440, 94-96=1488, 97-99=1536

When you are out Hunting there is a system called the HUNTER SYSTEM.  What this infinitely long system pertains to is how many beasts you kill, how you kill them, or where you kill  them at.  Completing the levels of questing will allow you to turn in the beast data you collect into HUNTER GUILDS that will reward you for your hard work, usually resulting in Col, items, or experience.
Bosses are put in place to keep the players scared and from advancing in the game.  Though even though normal encounters ARE put in place to test the players and have the capability to kill, the bosses are much worse.  Bosses CAN and WILL kill you if given an opening.  It is in your best interest to either get a party up and running or have enough gear to keep you alive long enough to get in a good shot.
Guilds are the saving grace for many players.  Guilds connect players and alow them to get many higher level quests and tasks done easier than trying to do them solo.  Banding together with other players give significant bonuses other than just having someone to watch your back.  Guilds are different from parties.  Partying up allows you to fight more efficiently but Guilds help you advance as a player and provide you with a group to back you up.  As the players in the guild progress the guild itself advances providing its members with bonuses.  Also there are guild specific benefits such as owning a Guild Hall.

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