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Creating Your Character

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Creating Your Character

Post by Admin on Mon Sep 01, 2014 1:31 am

Creating your Character
When Creating your character in SAO there are just TWO things to worry about.  Stats, and Skills.  When you make your character you are allotted 5 Stats


Three Stats in SAO; Strength, Speed, & Defense.  These three singular stats will make you or break you in the game world.  Players can level up these stats by leveling up their character.  Each time the player levels they will be given points to put into the respective pools where the points will be increased.
Strength: Allows the player to swing their weapons, this also accounts for the power behind their strike.  The more power the more likely it is that the player will hit with.
Speed: Allows the player to move with lightning fast speed, this also accounts for the ability to dodge.  The higher the speed the less likely it is the player will be hit.
Defense: Allows the player to withstand damage, this also accounts for the ability to negate attacks.  The higher one's defense the less damage they will take.

Through leveling your character you will receive points that will allow you to make your character; Stronger, Faster, and Tougher.  You can also get points from Events and Quests, so choose your stats wisely. We will explain more in depth when it is time to make your character.

Skills are your life-line in game and will keep you alive.  However, these skills are not always readily available, nor are they always upgradeable.  Skills in the SAO Universe are public domain for the most part, meaning EVERYONE has access to EVERY simple Skill at some point.  There are however UNIQUE Skills that can only be achieved by performing a certain tasks or completing certain quests.  Players are ALSO encouraged to make up their own moves, since you have free movement in the game moves are only limited to what skills you can actively use.  Provided below are a list of ALL available skills upon launch with brief overviews of each.  Once you LINK START and create a character we will go over a bit more of the skills and what they do.

The other thing when making your character other than the technical aspect is the description of your character.  This includes outfits, personality, and background  Anything that your want to say about your player.  It helps the game move along if you have a sort of character to your character.  This is not a mandatory thing but players tend to have more fun if they immerse themselves in the game.

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