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Skill Creation Template

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Skill Creation Template

Post by Hunter Hawkins on Wed Mar 12, 2014 3:43 pm

This Menu is the Skill Creation Menu.  Skills are a necessity in Sword Art Online, they not only help you perform daily tasks, but are an ESSENTIAL component in beating Beasts and the game itself.  Here you can create your own Skills to use inside Aincrad to fight the Beasts, Bosses, and in the Arena.  All you have to do is Copy the template below and make a new topic with the template and with it filled out.  Mods and/or Admins will check the application and either accept it or help you work on it.


[b][color=yellow]Skill Name:[/color][/b]

[b][color=black]Usable Range:[/color][/b]

[b][color=black]Number of attacks:[/color][/b]


[b][color=black]Effect/Skill progression:[/color][/b]


If pasted correctly, the form should look like this:


Skill Name:Name of the skill goes here.

Usable Range:The skill's Usable range goes here.

Number of Attacks:This is the duration or speed of the skill.

Effect/Skill progression:What it does goes here.  This needs a skill progression.  This goes from 1-100.  You must lay out the benefits of progressing the skill through the ranks of the skill.  This can be anything from increasing the damage of the skill, giving the user different passive stats, increasing the number of attacks and much much more.  Well built skills will be rewarded.  Please make sure to check to make sure the skill isn't already made.  Keep in mind to make them make sense being the staff will be checking these skills.

Prerequisites:The requirements to learn the skill go here.
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