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Stat Rules (WIP)

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Stat Rules (WIP)

Post by Admin on Mon Sep 01, 2014 1:34 am

Stats in depth

Defense: This stat will reduce the damage the Player takes.  Defense is both armor and ability to dodge.  For each point of damage the opponent’s damage is reduced by one point.  A hit that lands will always do at least 1% of its damage a minimum of 1 point.  The damage that is dealt is 1% of the damage minus the player’s Agility bonus.  This represents the damage the player is able to dodge. If the players Agility bonus is higher than the damage, the attack is dodged and no damage is done.

Speed: This stat will determine the number of attacks the player can do.  A fourth of speed is added to the player’s defense as an Agility bonus.  For each 10 points of speed the person has they get another attack.  
(So if a person has 30 speed and their opponent has 20 speed, each round the player attacks 3 times and the opponent attacks twice.  So how it would work is there would be 3 attack periods in which the person would attack once in each, and the opponent would attack in 2 of them and do nothing in the third.  Then the period would start again.)
Due to this time will be measured in number of attacks.  Some skills will require more than one attack.

Health: This will be the amount of damage the player takes before dying.  A player will have a very specific health total.  Every attack that lands will do some sort of damage.  The damage will be reduced by defense and then the remaining damage is taken away from the player’s life total.  When the players life total reaches 0 or less, they die.

Strength/Damage: This is how much damage the player does.  This is increased by the damage of the weapon the user wields.  Because damage is negated by defense having a higher damage will likely bypass defenses as well as deal damage to agile opponents.

Rarity: This is the rarity of items.  Usually items have a common rarity.  However having a higher rarity allows higher grade bonuses, better stats, and is worth more money.  However they are also harder receive as well as the legendary item rarity which allows only one of the items to exist on the site.  Higher rarity items can also be crafted.  
(Items can be created by players however they will be distributed by Staff through drops and rewards for missions, or they may also be crafted.  However in the case that an item is crafted, a staff member may require specific missions to be completed to obtain the resources or blueprints or both.  Should a player make an item they want but can’t craft, they can request a mission to receive the item.)

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