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Guild Guide (WIP)

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Guild Guide (WIP)

Post by Admin on Mon Sep 01, 2014 1:37 am

There are many guilds that are already established in the game.  For the most part these guilds are built around NPC’s.  these include Mechant guilds, Blacksmith guilds, Hunter guilds, and a few others.  (these will be elaborated on and made as people request them.)

However the players may also band together and create military or dungeon delving guilds to help each other survive the game.  Different guilds and their members will also benefit from the guilds level as well as the type of guild it is.  These benefits will be increased skill ranks of specific skills depending on the guild.  For player made guilds the leader of the guild may select the skills that gain the bonuses in their guild.  Depending on the level of the guild will increase the bonuses received by the guild.  These skills cannot be reselected once the leader has chosen the skills unless the guild purchases an item that allows a change of guild skill bonuses.

Various things can increase your guild’s rank.  Some of these include: number of members, guild funds, total number of missions or raids done by a guild, level of the guild members, maximum floor level achieved by the guild.  (there will be a chart for this at some point.)

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